Welcome to Oilfield Well Testers Club


  • To make Well Testers family under one roof.
  • To provide highly experienced and competent Well Testers in global oil industry by assuring all time safety, quality, reliability and cost efficiency of their services.


  • To make smooth Well Testing business for oil industry by providing Well Testing professionals globally.
  • Our goal is to provide hassle-free service to Well Testing companies as well as E&P companies globally to meet experienced and competent Well Testing professionals.
  • To provide highly experienced and competent professional Well Testers that enable Well Testing businesses to work toward their potential.


  • When it comes to supply Well Testers, we provide our clients with list of particular professional well testers as per their requirements. These professionals are then matched with a highly competitive price range.
  • The oil and gas industry has always been known for the importance of getting the job done on time in a competitive manner. Usually, TIME is the essence for our clients.
  • To mobilize competent Well Testers on time in oil industry by our advanced search and selected Well Testers database system, enable us to provide a fast and efficient response
  • To provide competency development programme and training courses.